Making Men: Masculinity, Myth and Paradox - Documentary and Live Dance Performance

25-04-2024 from 20:00 to 22:30
De Centrale, Ham 72, Ghent
Africa Platform of Ghent University Association and De Centrale

In collaboration with De Centrale Ghent we present to you a documentary and live performance of the internationally renowned dance company Dunia Dance.


Dive into the rhythmic world of contemporary dance with the multidisciplinary performance Making Men, preceded by a short dance film.

Making Men explores the meaning of masculinity. Four African dancers delve into this theme through a powerful, rhythmic choreography that also radiates softness and sensitivity. Can the failure to conform to the stereotypical image of masculinity and the roles imposed on men lead to the discomfort and violence seen among young men in many societies today? Are they free to be who they want to be, or are they being boxed in?

Four dancers, still in their developmental stages, explore this theme. They seek to better understand themselves by expressing their doubts and questioning themselves. Through dance, they express themselves and try to break free from the invisible chains to discover their true selves. This performance seeks to emphasize the boundaries of the male stereotype for those who want to experience all facets of human emotions.

Making Men is a film consisting of four choreographic scenes. Each scene represents a phase or transition in a man's life. The film was shot in the breathtaking landscape of Zimbabwe. The special cinematography enhances the emotions expressed in the dance.

Making Men is also a dance performance created during the preparation of the film; each part of the film corresponds to a choreographic part of the performance. The performance builds upon the choreography of the film, against a backdrop of a specially designed video landscape where the dancers sometimes interact.


Dunia Dance Theatre

Development and execution by Harold George & Antoine Panier // Artistic coaching by Vincent Kuentz // Dancers Tatenda Chabarwa, Tinashe Jeri, Nigel Kamunga, Peter Lenso, Delvin Pikani, Carlton Zhanelo // Lighting by Arnaud Lhoute // Pictures by Antoine Panier


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