Online conference "Ethiopia at crossroad"



We invite you to an online conference "Ethiopia at crossroad" on Monday 6 December 2021  from 10h00 to 12h00  (Brussels - CET), with interpretation in English and French 
Since the beginning of the fighting in the north of the country, the war has killed more than thousands people and forced more than 1.7 million to flee their homes. For those who have remained in the region, the humanitarian toll is dramatic: some 400,000 people are living in famine conditions, with humanitarian aid still struggling to arrive. According to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and UN OHCHR joint investigation report, all parties to the conflict continue to be implicated in allegations of human rights violations. 
Ethiopia’s multifaceted challenges require a nuanced understanding of the last 30 years’ political evolution. In order to understand the current situation, we have invited key speakers to discuss the origin of the conflict, the security situation and the role of the international community and the consequences of the conflict. 
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Michèle Rivasi and Jan-Christoph Oetjen