Workshop: Toni Haastrup - Between knowledge and praxis: experiencing decolonial international studies



Prof. Dr. Toni Haastrup is a Professor in International Politics at the University of Stirling. Her research broadly explores the nature of global power hierarchies (between the Global North and South) in knowledge and practice. She has worked in the area of global governance of security via regional security institutions - the African and European Unions. Part of her current research agenda draws on critical feminisms to understand the foreign policy practices of both institutions. She has worked with a number of international organisations and governments like the World Bank, the European Union, Irish and Canadian Governments. She is an occasional media commentator on topics including the African Union, EU relations with Africa; feminist foreign policy; Brexit, and the women, peace and security agenda. In 2020, she was invited to lend her expertise to the drafting of the Women, Peace and Security - Humanitarian Action Compact. In 2024, she will hold the Emma Goldman Award supporting new knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe.

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