Capacity building in training and research to optimize the use of fungicides in region Mèknes-Fez

January 2020 to December 2021
crop protection
agricultural practices
sustainable agriculture
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences

Plant fungal diseases are among the main factors in reducing agricultural production. To control the development of fungal pathogens, growers are increasingly using fungicdes in Meknes-Fez region. Excessive use of fungicides can be harmful to human health and the environment. In addition, farmers and producers lack experise to applied these fungicides in a correct way and, moreover they are not properly supervised by governmental services. For obtaining a more sustainable crop protection the application of crop protection products must be optimised and principles of good agricultural practices must be introduced. In  order to contribute to the rational use of crop protection products and to develop  alternative solutions to synthetic fungicides, this project aims to strenghten the local university's capabilities and skills in research, training and service to society in the field of crop protection. This will enable the university to play a major role in developing sustainable agriculture in the region and actively contribute in reducing the riks associated with the use of crop protection products.