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Our mission is to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development in low and middle income countries, by enabling access to the latest technologies in plant science and by assisting in the design of effective biosafety and regulatory mechanisms. IPBO contributes to awareness and capacity building through knowledge transfer in enabling technologies, international regulations & intellectual property rights and the promotion of innovative research oriented to the needs of developing nations. Fundamental and applied science is the basis that drives development for the benefit of society and the environment. IPBO promotes and assists research programs oriented towards improving knowledge in fields of importance for less developed regions such as nutritional enhancement, neglected crops, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for healthcare and production of novel industrial biomaterials, tolerance of indigenous plants to abiotic stresses and transformation of orphan crops.


 By crop: Banana, Bamboo, Baobab, Cassava, Lathyrus, Rice, Sweet Potato, Tropical Trees