The Nile Institute

January 2020 to January 2025
river Nile
biological research
chemical research
Insititute of National Museums of Rwanda (Rwanda)
Ministry of Environment (Rwanda)
Institut Catholique de Kabgayi (Rwanda)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences
Biology and Life Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences

Enter the Muhanga-Karongi district and discover the Nile at the banks of the Nyabarongo river. A place where science meets education at the source of the Nile.

The Nile Institute aims to deliver a threefold project. The Nile Research Centre will focus on elaborate studies of the Nile, while the Nile Visitor and Education Centre will contribute to both local and global education.

Located on top of the mountain, Lode Van Pee and his Nile House wil guard over the integrity and year round follow-up of the Foundation.

The Research Center aims to generate knowledge on the interaction between the river Nile and its inhabitants. A thorough and interdisciplinary research objective is required. There are a lot of opportunities for collaboration with local and global institutions. Four main topics for research are distinguished.